Izzie Rae comes from my name Elizabeth Rachael.  I love nicknames. Always have, always will. 

My love for photography (like many others) started very young. My mother gifted her old film camera to me and it has been something dear to my heart ever since. I held that camera tightly as we thumbed through her old photos the day she gave it to me.  Hearing my mother talk about her youth gave me a sense nostalgia every time I looked through the viewfinder of that Pentax K1000. 

I couldn't shake this nostalgia... and all the while my passion was growing more and more for photography. At university, I decided to pursue this desire. I mainly worked with 35mm black and white film. I loved it so much. The day I left that tiny darkroom for good, a little piece of my heart got left behind as well. Working with film made me realize something... it made me realize that what you see is what you get-- there are no edits or do-overs. It's raw. It's imperfect. And it's beautiful. 

I would be lying if I said I am 100% film photographer. I am a hybrid shooter...which means, I also use a digital format too. By working with both mediums it challenges and pushes me to perfect the art of my craft. Although, these days 90% of the work I showcase is film, I do incorporate digital into sessions as well if asked.

My desire is to show the world as I see it: soft, delicate and lovely. Film helps that showcase that desire.

When I'm not shooting you can find me exploring Tokyo and soaking up as much Japanese culture as I can get... and when I'm not in the local area, you can find me jet-setting and attempting to fulfill my wanderlust around the world by capturing lovely people in lovely places.


Izzie Rae is a published fine art travel, editorial and lifestyle photographer that shoots both film & digital. She grew up in Alabama, and has lived in the UK, Tokyo, Japan and is now based in Montreal, Quebec. She is available for bookings worldwide.

                                                            Image taken by Meredith Lord Photography.

                                                           Image taken by Meredith Lord Photography.